Bad news for UK fans

Junior guard Jon Hood tore an ACL in his knee and is out indefinitely.  Here’s to a quick and full recovery from surgery when it happens.  He may not have played a lot of minutes, but having a junior on a team known for great freshmen classes is essential for leadership.

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The pains and joys of raising two girls

This morning, I’m awakened by my 3 year old daughter Katie.  She is already dressed up and ready to go to daycare.  My 5 year old Lily is still asleep so I tell Katie to go downstairs and watch a little tv until her big sis wakes up.  Well, an hour passes and I decide it’s time to wake Lily up.  I go into her room and start to wake her up.  Katie follows me in, begins to rub Lily’s back and whispers for her to get up.  Katie even gave her a kiss.  It was real sweet and makes you feel good as a dad that your kids love and respect one another.

Well, fast forward to tonight when I had to pick them up from VBS.  They were fine leaving the church, but when we got into the car all hell broke loose.  Katie had left a cup phone (2 cups shared by one string) in the back seat.  Katie basically screamed as loud as she could to get it back because it belonged to her (we actually had the same fight at dinner time about a yo-yo).  Well, as Lily is playing with it, Katie grabs a hold of one of the cups and rips it from the string.  As you can imagine, Katie gets REALLY demonic mad at Lily for “breaking it.”  I look at Katie and tell her that she’s the one who actually broke it.  (What a dumb move on my part).  Katie begins arguing with me that Lily was the one who broke it, then Lily gets upset and begins yelling at Katie.  Katie in turn yells at Lily and I have to yell at both of them.  (Another dumb move).  They both yell back.  Great, a 3 minute ride home is turning into yellfest the ride to hell.  I finally get sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mad that I tell them they can’t go to VBS for the rest of the week because they can’t listen and are arguing with me.  (Obviously I’m not taking them out, but I had to threaten something….so I’ll probably take ice cream away).  Well, those yells turn into both girls crying uncontrollably.  Awesome.  We get home, they run to mommy and then get ready for bed.  All is well then, nothing but hugs and kisses from them to me.  (Breathe in, breathe out, relax).

So, we ran the gammit of emotions today….happy, mad, sad and back to happy.  As a parent, there’s never a dull moment.  Just do your best and try again tomorrow.

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Living out a sports fan’s dream

Monday July 18th, 2011 is a day I’ll remember for the rest of my life.  Ever since I first heard Tony Bruno hamming it up on ESPN Radio in high school, I’ve always wanted to do a sports radio show.  Even though it was just for a day, I was able to live out a dream thanks to an auction that benefitted me the Hospice.  I did a show in Richmond, VA on ESPN 950 am called Hardly Workin from 3-6pm.  Host Greg Burton and his boy Brosephs (aka Matt Josephs) were awesome to work with.  They were very welcoming and a blast to  hang out with.  Talking sports for 3 hours went by so fast, it was ridiculous.  I felt like we barely scratched the surface of the sports world.  We were able to talk about the NFL Labor situation (blah, get the deal done already), the Women’s world cup final, UK, Colts, Redskins and some Nascar.  I received a free hat and Ram Report (Final Four edition) magazine for my efforts.  Friends of mine were emailing the show and texting me the entire time.  It was a fun time and I can’t thank Greg and Brosephs enough for making this a great experience.  Follow Greg on twitter @hardlyworkin950 and on facebook at!/pages/Hardly-Workin-with-Greg-Burton/12930609540.

Living out the sports fan's dream!

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Greed got in the way of Justice for Caylee

Ok, so I haven’t been keeping up with the blog and of all things a non-sports story peaked my interest today.  The Casey Anthony trial verdict after months and years of hearing about it ended today with the 3 biggest counts (Murder, Abuse, 2nd degree murder) being “Not-Guilty” and the 4 small ones (lying to police) being “Guilty.”  Now, many people are outraged and pissed off about this.  I’m a little shocked, but after seeing the O.J. trial and him getting off, nothing really shocks me anymore.  Now, there are people who tried….tried to do the right thing but quite frankly, their greed got in the way of justice.

First, let me bottom line it….I believe she is guilty.  Any parent who doesn’t start looking for their kids after 31 seconds, 31 minutes or 31 hours would be insane…much less 31 days.  Plus, during that time she partied it up.  Now, the prosecution going for the death penalty, on circumstancial evidence, maybe the dumbest move in the history of law prosecuting.  Having to prove that beyond a reasonable doubt was going to be tough and had they settled for 20 years or life in prison, maybe.  But the prosecuting attorney was too over confident (and it showed) and literally had a slam dunk of a case….but blew it.  It was like watching one of the middle school teams I’ve coached, the kid has a breakaway layup and misses it.

Next, possibly the biggest reason why there was no justice for Caylee is….Nancy Grace.  Yes, the person who informed the rest of the USA of this case on her show.  For that (ratings boost), she effectively had the jury sequestered away from their families since May.  So, when it came time to deliberate, the jurors made a quick, rash decision (I don’t agree with) and left.  Had Nancy Grace just shut her mouth, the jurors wouldn’t have been in such a hurry to deliberate (because they could have gone home each night and been with their respective families) and the big bad media wouldn’t have been all over this trial.  But, Nancy needed and needs ratings…and this case was perfect for her.  Hope it was worth the ratings grab Nancy.  Your greed got in the way for justice.

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Beast Mode

Enough Said.

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Colts in the playoffs…by the skin of their chin

It wasn’t easy, but the colts clinched their 9th straight playoff appearance today.  I was glad to see that it was a close, tough game. It required Peyton to have to drive down at the end of the game and most of all, it required the starters to play the ENTIRE game and not “take it easy” down the stretch.  More later.

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New Year’s Resolution

My resolution this year is to try and average at least one blog post a day.  365 blog posts is the bare minimum.  Yes, I’m going to attempt to go to the gym too.  What’s your resolution this year?

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