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My Day at UVA

I was fortunate enough to score free tickets to a University of Virginia (vs Idaho) football game today. Full disclosure, I’m not a UVA fan but since I was a guest in their house I did cheer for them.  Now, … Continue reading

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The pains and joys of raising two girls

This morning, I’m awakened by my 3 year old daughter Katie.  She is already dressed up and ready to go to daycare.  My 5 year old Lily is still asleep so I tell Katie to go downstairs and watch a little … Continue reading

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Greed got in the way of Justice for Caylee

Ok, so I haven’t been keeping up with the blog and of all things a non-sports story peaked my interest today.  The Casey Anthony trial verdict after months and years of hearing about it ended today with the 3 biggest … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolution

My resolution this year is to try and average at least one blog post a day.  365 blog posts is the bare minimum.  Yes, I’m going to attempt to go to the gym too.  What’s your resolution this year?

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