Super Bowl Subplots

AFC Championship Game: Baltimore @ New England. 

This is the 6th AFC Championship for Belichick and Brady (4-1, with the lone loss coming at Indianapolis in a game in which the Patriots lead 21-3). Brady would match John Elway for 5 Super Bowl appearances for a Quarterback.  Joe Flacco would EARN some respect by defeating Brady in Foxboro. (Note to Joe, respect in the National Football League is earned, not given). Brady has earned the respect of many players, including two future Hall of Famers on the Ravens…Ray Lewis and Ed Reed. Speaking of Ray Lewis, there is also chatter that Ray Lewis may retire if the Ravens make it to/win the Super Bowl. To me, Ray is the best middle linebacker of my generation. I couldn’t tell you if he’s the best of all time, that’s for football historians to debate. My head tells me the Pats win, but my gut says Ravens. Ravens win 23-21. (Can’t believe I’m going against Tom Brady, but something just says Ravens).

NFC Championship Game: New York Giants @ San Francisco 49ers

Giants looking to make their 2nd Super Bowl appearance in 4 years. Eli Manning vs Alex Smith, two overall #1 picks in their respective drafts facing off. Jim Harbaugh, a rookie NFL head coach vs Tom Coughlin, a Super Bowl winning veteran head football coach. San Francisco with all of the rich Super Bowl history vs a truly historic NFL team in the Giants. It’s going to take place on a sloppy track, which will slow down a pass rush. 49ers had a better rush defense and I think that’s the difference. 49ers 14-7.

Super Bowl Hypotheticals:

The Harbaugh Bowl, Ravens vs 49ers, Brother vs Brother.

Patriots vs Giants, rematch of SB 42 in which the Giants ended the Patriots perfect season.

Patriots vs 49ers: Brady faces the team he grew up cheering for.

Ravens vs Giants: Rematch of a Super Bowl that took place 11 years ago. Ray Lewis is probably the only player remaining from that game.


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