College Football Wrap Up Week 5

Yes I know I haven’t done a wrap up the first four weeks and I’m sorry for that…so what. I’m going to do one now. The two best teams I’ve seen this season are without a doubt….Alabama and LSU. Both teams are fast, physical and do not make dumb mistakes. LSU played Kentucky this week and well, beat them by four touchdowns 35-7. Alabama played Florida at The Swamp and I had this as my upset special this week. I thought Florida had to play a perfect game to defeat Bama and in the 1st quarter they had a puncher’s chance. On the first play from scrimmage (sans a false start) Jeff Brantley hit Andre DeBose in stride for a 65 yard TD pass. I was thinking, good start. After Bama settled for a FG (after dropping a wide open TD) it was getting better. Then, it started to go downhill from there.  On the ensuing kickoff Jeff Demps was one block away from returning it for a Touchdown, but got caught by the kicker and hurt his ankle.  Florida settled for a FG after a 1st and Goal and in the 2nd quarter Jeff Brantley went down with a nasty looking injury.  Add a big dose of Trent Richardson and the Bama defense…game over 38-10.  Nick Saban is the best coach in all of college football and he showed why Saturday night.

Clemson throttled Virginia Tech in Blacksburg 23-3.  Yes, 23-3.  Yes, in Blacksburg.  I’m not shocked Clemson won, but by the sheer domination in that victory.   However, I think by now we shouldn’t be fooled by the Chokies….cough, cough…the Hokies.  They start off the year will all kinds of hype, have one of the coolest entrances in all of college football and then….come up short in a big time game.  I would compare them to Notre Dame but at least Frank Beamer has won 10 games for 7 consecutive seasons.  In fact, since 1995 the fewest amount of wins in a season under Beamer is 7 and only four of those seasons didn’t result in double digit wins.  Before then is a different story but I applaud Virginia Tech for not firing Beamer prior to that time.  Too many colleges are adopting the NFL’s “Win Now” mentality and that isn’t good for college athletics.  On the other hand, Clemson now has a BIG target on its back and I’m sure the classic letdown game is coming sooner than later.  Clemson’s two toughest games remaining are @ Georgia Tech (Oct 29) and @ South Carolina (Nov 26), but  don’t be surprised if they slip up @ Maryland (Oct 15) or home to North Carolina (Oct 22).

Wisconsin vs Nebraska turned into the “Hi, I’m Russell Wilson and I’m a Heisman candidate” show.  Wisconsin won by 31 points and Wilson is in top ten Heisman consideration discussion with his performance in primetime Saturday night.  14/20 for 255 yards, 2 touchdowns and zero interceptions.  Also, six carries for 32 yards and a touchdown.  Now, does it help that he has a tremendous running game and a good defense?  Yes, yes it does.  Still, Wilson gives Wisconsin a dimension it’s never had at the QB position and quite frankly, that’s going to land Wisconsin in a BCS game in January.

My top ten teams in the nation: #1 Alabama, #2 LSU, #3 Stanford, #4 Oklahoma, #5 Wisconsin, #6 Clemson, #7 Oklahoma St, #8 Georgia Tech, #9 Boise St, #10 Michigan.

My top ten Heisman candidates: #1 Andrew Luck, Stanford #2 Trent Richardson, Alabama #3 Robert Griffin III, Baylor #4 Denard Robinson, Michigan #5 Kellen Moore, Boise St #6 Russell Wilson, Wisconsin #7 Montee Ball, Wisconsin  #8 Landry Jones, Oklahoma #9 Tyrann Mathieu, LSU #10 Marcus Lattimore, South Carolina


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