My Day at UVA

Justin and I

I was fortunate enough to score free tickets to a University of Virginia (vs Idaho) football game today. Full disclosure, I’m not a UVA fan but since I was a guest in their house I did cheer for them.  Now, it wasn’t the biggest game of the day or the year, but none the less it was a college football game. I had seats on the front row right behind the endzone, which was really cool.  My friends Justin and Sarah were nice enough to accept the other tickets I had and drove me to Charlottesville.  We met up with Sarah’s parents and off we went to Scott Stadium.  The game went into OT and saw Idaho go for a 2 point conversion for the win only to have a DB from UVA knock down the attempt for a 21-20 Wahoo victory.  UVA dominated this game….statistically.  However, that did not translate into points and my goodness, they had a lot of chances to score more than they did.  After UVA’s victory we drove back to Sarah’s parents house and ate like kings!  All in all I had a fun day with great friends, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Sweet Seats


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Let's start with the basics, I'm married with two daughters and a puppy dog. I have three favorite sports teams; the Indianapolis Colts, VCU Rams and the University of Kentucky men's basketball team. I served 4 years in the United States Navy aboard the mighty USS Kearsarge. I love sports and coaching basketball.
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