Greed got in the way of Justice for Caylee

Ok, so I haven’t been keeping up with the blog and of all things a non-sports story peaked my interest today.  The Casey Anthony trial verdict after months and years of hearing about it ended today with the 3 biggest counts (Murder, Abuse, 2nd degree murder) being “Not-Guilty” and the 4 small ones (lying to police) being “Guilty.”  Now, many people are outraged and pissed off about this.  I’m a little shocked, but after seeing the O.J. trial and him getting off, nothing really shocks me anymore.  Now, there are people who tried….tried to do the right thing but quite frankly, their greed got in the way of justice.

First, let me bottom line it….I believe she is guilty.  Any parent who doesn’t start looking for their kids after 31 seconds, 31 minutes or 31 hours would be insane…much less 31 days.  Plus, during that time she partied it up.  Now, the prosecution going for the death penalty, on circumstancial evidence, maybe the dumbest move in the history of law prosecuting.  Having to prove that beyond a reasonable doubt was going to be tough and had they settled for 20 years or life in prison, maybe.  But the prosecuting attorney was too over confident (and it showed) and literally had a slam dunk of a case….but blew it.  It was like watching one of the middle school teams I’ve coached, the kid has a breakaway layup and misses it.

Next, possibly the biggest reason why there was no justice for Caylee is….Nancy Grace.  Yes, the person who informed the rest of the USA of this case on her show.  For that (ratings boost), she effectively had the jury sequestered away from their families since May.  So, when it came time to deliberate, the jurors made a quick, rash decision (I don’t agree with) and left.  Had Nancy Grace just shut her mouth, the jurors wouldn’t have been in such a hurry to deliberate (because they could have gone home each night and been with their respective families) and the big bad media wouldn’t have been all over this trial.  But, Nancy needed and needs ratings…and this case was perfect for her.  Hope it was worth the ratings grab Nancy.  Your greed got in the way for justice.


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Let's start with the basics, I'm married with two daughters and a puppy dog. I have three favorite sports teams; the Indianapolis Colts, VCU Rams and the University of Kentucky men's basketball team. I served 4 years in the United States Navy aboard the mighty USS Kearsarge. I love sports and coaching basketball.
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One Response to Greed got in the way of Justice for Caylee

  1. Nancy Grace really did overdo her coverage on the case, and her show basically became the “Where is Caylee?” show. And it’s heartbreaking what happened to that little girl, and that her mother got away with it, but enough was enough, and I actually stopped watching Nancy Grace because I got tired of waiting for her to shut her mouth.

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